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Supplier Development is an important part of the Council’s strategy to help boost DBE capability and performance. We provide valuable support and varying services to help our DBEs optimize the opportunities available, and to continue building and expanding their businesses. Our vision is to provide corporations with capable, world-class suppliers and provide sustainable business opportunities to diverse suppliers.

Below are some of the programs and services The Council provides to assist our corporate members and diverse suppliers:

High Performance Supplier Series

HPS Series is a supplier development initiative brought together by the Council for Supplier Diversity and the University of San Diego School of Business. The program provides the opportunity for corporations to work with targeted suppliers, helping them improve processes and build their capacity to do business with said larger corporations. This is more than a training program, but an opportunity to prepare businesses to increase their capability for greater opportunity with companies that support the program.

The curriculum addresses the critical aspect of operating a successful business to increase the chances of entrepreneurial success. These are top quality, interactive educational experiences that can provide powerful business results. Th program features a business pre-assessment, practical engagement with business professionals, and a formal capability presentation to key decision makers within corporate space.

For more information on our High Performance Supplier Series click here.

Coaching Services

The Council for Supplier Diversity is partnered with the San Diego Leadership Forum (SDLF) to provide leadership coaching services from seasoned servant leaders to our diverse businesses. Our goal is to connect you and your business with the right coach in order to provide the most support and guidance to meet your individual needs and accomplish your goals. 

The SDLF coaches are all leaders within their organizations and the community with expertise ranging from human resources, marketing, finance, healthcare, military services, and more. A SDLF coach will partner with you over six sessions to help you identify your individual goals, create strategies to accomplish those goals, and provide the support necessary to continue developing your leadership skills to build and expand your business.

Businesses interested in receiving this service will submit a request via our coaching service request form, and the SDLF coordinator will connect you with an available coach who is best fit to address your individual needs.

Click here to be directed to our Coaching Services form to request coaching.

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