Category Sourcing Exchanges

Category Sourcing Exchanges

Each Category Sourcing Exchange (CSE) has subcategories of products and services. These are only partial lists and are intended to give you a representative sample of products procured and supplied. If you need or provide similar services, you should participate in the CSE. These programs are repeated during the year to meet the demands of our members. Each CSE is free for Council registered suppliers and $100 for other DBE suppliers (maximum two team members included). Attendance for large corporate members is included with annual membership. All sessions have specific follow-up processes to track and measure outcomes.

Please click here for online registration. You can choose the CSE category and date you wish to attend. Please provide all required information. You will receive confirmation materials regarding the requirements. Timing, etc. All sessions are held at the Council Training and Conference facility. If you have questions, please call The Council Office (858) 537-2281.

Categories and dates are subject to change based on demand. Descriptions for some of the categories we will cover are listed below for your information.

Construction/Construction Related Services

Construction Management, Roofing, Tenant Improvement, Landscaping, Modular Building Construction, Elevator Installation, Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Electrical, Architectural Services, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Concrete, Excavating, Grading, Paving, Trenching, Demolition & Hauling Services, Electrical Materials & Contractor Services, Surveying, Compliance Consulting, Environmental Investigation & Remediation Services, Erosion Control Materials, Glass Glazing and Installation, Painting, Plumbing, Roadway Traffic Control Services, Security Services. Soil, Estimating Inspection, Fencing, Portable Restrooms, and much more.

Information Technology

E-Commerce Integration, IT Consulting, Private & Public Cloud Services, Order Management & Reporting Features, Integration and Staging Services, Asset Recovery Solutions, Pre-Sales Technical, Support, Advanced Technology Solutions, CPMigrator, Infrastructure Services, Network Monitoring , Enterprise Content Filtering, Software, Licensing, Computer Supplies, Virtualization, Computer/Network,, Hardware Installers, Project Staffing, Green Data Center Design, Special Hardware Solutions, and much more.

Event Planning/Catering/Entertainment

Event / Meeting Planners, Invitations (Designed/Printed), Attendee Gifts, Photographers, Photo Booth Services, Videographers, Audio Visual, Signage / Banners, Hotel Booking, Air Transportation, Limousine / Transportation Services, Trainers/Facilitators, Catering, Special Entertainment, Musicians, Disc Jockeys, Entertainment Acts, Child Care Services, Event Decor, Florist.

Retail Products & Services

Food products, bakery, books, clothing, jewelry, packaging, general merchandise, sauces, teas, electronic accessories, gift Items, logo merchandise and more.

Facilities Maintenance

Commercial Pest Management, Bird Service, Janitorial, Plumbing, Hvac, Electrical, Lighting Retrofits, Tenant Improvement, Light Duty Mechanical, Painting, Static Esd Floors, Janitorial Supplies, Architectural Maintenance, Landscaping, Glass Cleaning, Pressure & Power Washing, Parking Lot Maintenance, Exterior Cleaning, Vivarium Cleaning, Day Porter, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Care, Construction Clean-Up, Commercial Move-Out Cleaning Services, Hospital & Bio Tech Services, Leed Certified Cleaning, Glass Glazing & Framing, Window Repair & Treatment, Sign Installation & Maintenance, Water Filtration Systems Maintenance, Roofing, Sidewalk Repair, Sprinkler Maintenance, Security System Maintenance, Elevator Maintenance And Repair.

Legal, Risk and Regulatory Compliance Services

Corporate Contracts, Hiring Practices, Manufacture And Sales Of Consumer Goods, Real Property, Landlord-Tenant, Employment Law, Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreements, Commercial And Equipment Leases, Environmental Compliance, Dispute Resolution, Negotiation And Litigation Strategy, Mediation, Arbitration, Court Proceedings, Outsourcing Arrangements, Negotiable Instruments, Security Interests, Leases, Principal And Agent Relationships, Tax Planning, Government Regulation, Antitrust Law, Mergers And Acquisitions, Intellectual Property, Collections, Private Investigators, Legal Training, Insurance Compliance Services, Right-Of-Way, Immigration Services, Legal Research, Paralegal Services, Pension And Insurance Services.

HR Services

Diversity And Inclusion, Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Leadership Development And Team Development, Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Consulting And Training, Meeting Facilitator And/Or Moderator, Capabilities And Engagement Of Employees, Staffing Services, Mediation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution. Employment Mediation, Criminal Backgrounds, Workers’ Compensation Investigations, Employee Assessments, Employment Handbooks, Recruiting And Hiring Services, Translation Services, Human Resource Compliance, Benefits Administration And Claims Processing, Mexico Operations Hr Management, Contingent Staffing Solutions. Administrative Management And General Management Consulting, Organization Assessments And Process Consultation, Team Building, Change Management, Telecom Staffing, Employee Benefits.


Logistics, Fleet & Transportation

Fleet Management, Vehicle Financing, Maintenance, Vehicle Telematics (Tracking And Diagnostics), Driver Management, Speed Control, Fuel Management, Safety Management, Transportation, Compliance With Government Legislation, Material Handling, Production, Packaging, Inventory, Trucking, Warehousing, Traffic Control And Management, Inbound And Outbound Transportation, Order Fulfillment, Logistics, Supply And Demand Planning, Third-Party Logistics, Disaster Preparedness, Integrated Driver Training, Vehicle Camera Solutions, Other Support Services.

Marketing, Media & PR

Market Research, Web Services, Social Media, Print Media, Publication, Print Services, Graphic Design, Mobile Solution Application, Business Development Services, Promotional Materials, Merchandising Materials & Services, Broadcast Media, Consulting Services

Office/Facilities Product & Services

Office Furniture, Office Equipment (Shredders, Copiers, Phone Systems, Computers, etc), Office Supplies, Art & Decor, Security Systems & Equipment, Telecommunication Services, Audiovisual Equipment, PA Systems, Warehouse Equipment, Janitorial Services and Supplies, Pest Control, Mail Services, Interior Plants (Artificial, Silk, Live), Day Porter / Handyman, Locksmith, Coffee/Beverages-Service

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