Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

The Council for Supplier Diversity’s mission is to increase economic opportunity in under-served communities. We accomplish this by identifying, certifying, and developing diverse businesses’ capacity to supply and service major corporations. As part of serving our mission, we have created the Young Entrepreneurs Academy. Very often young people from under-served communities have little exposure to the vast opportunities business ownership provides for personal and economic success. This leads them to lack hope and settle, rather than exploit their full potential. The Academy is designed to teach young men and women from under-served communities how to identify, plan and start their own businesses. We teach them key fundamental structures, business plan development, industry knowledge and systems models that will give them a jump start. Our Academy students learn from successful diverse business owners, first hand what skills and characteristics are needed to succeed. Finally, all participants are required to start a micro-business to gain real experience in developing a business plan, raising capital and managing a business. In collaboration with Access Inc. and the YouthBuild Project, the Council provides training and internships in the area of business development to at-risk youth participating in the program.

Empowerment The services offered by this project are designed to empower youth with the skills, education, and training needed to achieve self- sufficiency and success in future work endeavors.

Mentoring and Leadership Development The project includes wraparound services designed to provide leadership opportunities and includes a one-to-one adult mentoring component to increase support for participating youth.

Education Youth will learn practical skills to stimulate their interest in becoming successful business owners.

Internship Opportunities They will learn the value of hard work as a means to success in life through participation in the training program and in the internships they will have at successful DBE companies.

We need your support!  Help us support these young men and women to become leaders and suppliers of the future. Donate towards this program today! Call our office at (856) 537-2281 to find out how you can help support this program or Contact us and leave a message

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