Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us?

The true mission of the Council for Supplier Diversity is to use Supplier Diversity initiatives as an engine for economic development in economically underserved communities. We are dedicated to expanding business opportunities for women, minority, service disabled veteran business and other diverse business enterprises; the ultimate outcome is to add economic value to the regional supply chain while increasing economic opportunities for economically underserved diverse communities. We believe that diverse business development is a key component of reducing poverty, unemployment, increasing wealth, and integrating American society.

Our Economic Empowerment Model
The Council has a long history in providing valued service to the supplier diversity and supply management community. We have provided certification, verification, outreach and supplier development support for more than eleven years. This experience has led us to a deep understanding and a unique vision about how supplier diversity should be impacting the economic opportunity within high poverty and economically disadvantaged communities.

This has driven us to develop our new Economic Empowerment Initiative. This program leverages the economic fuel created by the transactions between corporate America and the diverse business community. The program mobilizes diverse suppliers to take direct action to improve the economic outcomes in the highest poverty areas within our region.

We have identified economically depressed communities in San Diego County and have established Economic Empowerment Zones (EEZ). Through our Supplier Leadership Ambassadors committee, suppliers, small and large, are being mobilized to provide specific programs to encourage positive economic outcomes. In doing so, we create a mechanism designed to produce a synergistic result by aggregating and focusing the economic resources available in the community.

The key advantages of this approach is that it is sustainable, engaging and highly collaborative. Sustainable because corporate purchases and business operations are ongoing and virtually perpetual. Engaging, because it calls diverse suppliers to action on a direct basis rather than relying on potential passive outcomes. Finally, it is collaborative, in that it includes diverse suppliers, large corporate citizens, and the local community.

Current Economic Empowerment Zones

  • El Cajon
  • National City / Imperial Beach
  • Escondido / San Marcos
  • Lemon Grove / SE San Diego
  • Vista / Oceanside
  • Mira Mesa/San Diego

We will deliver our Young Entrepreneur Academy, Economic Impact Meetings and other Innovative Economic Development Initiatives within these zones.

Young Entrepreneur Academy
The Academy is designed to build future DBE suppliers by teaching young men and women from under-served communities how to identify, plan and start their own businesses. We teach them key fundamental structures, business plan development, industry knowledge and systems models that will give them a jump start. A 10-week program in which students learn business skills and receive one on one mentoring, leadership and internship opportunities at successful DBE companies. The program will track the success of these youths through the services of our community partners.

Call Service and Training Centers
One of our innovative economic development initiatives is our Call Service and Training Center. This program is structured to provide call center services for our diverse suppliers as an added business development resource. The center will provide critical jobs for the underemployed or unemployed within our Economic Empowerment Zones. In addition to jobs, the program is structured to provide critical business training to the participants in the program. They will learn about customer service, leadership, communications, conflict management, entrepreneurship, etc. the participants will get exposure to our diverse business owners and corporate partners, by attending our Council events. Graduates of the program will be referred for opportunities to work with our suppliers, corporate partners and other regional businesses. We will leverage state, county and local city agency programs help support our workforce and business development activities. We have many suppliers who have demonstrated their interest in giving back to the communities they live and work in. The Supplier Leadership Ambassadors will lead the way in generating economic value within our Economic Empowerment Zones.

Community Meetings for Economic Impact
These bi-monthly meetings bring together small, emerging and successful diverse business owners within each Economic Empowerment Zone. Our objective is to create a Diverse Business Ecosystem, within which, the diverse supplier community helps build stronger businesses and delivers positive economic outcomes in the identified high poverty areas.

The meeting content includes:

– Update on the Economic Activity within the EEZ
– Introduction of new economic empowerment initiatives
– Corporate Community Leader Briefings
– Advisory Roundtable Session for Technical Assistance

These meetings will promote increase economic and business development value within our diverse business community. All of our corporate partners, diverse business enterprises, community partners and local leaders are encouraged to support this program.

To accomplish these goals we need funding support from our corporate partners and diverse suppliers throughout our region. Please contact me for further discussion regarding this program.

Ron Garnett
President & CEO
Council for Supplier Diversity
(858) 537-2281


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