Business Essentials – Powerful Presentation

This Interactive Workshop Course will assist in the development of a Professional’s ability to effectively communicate in front of audiences as they produce their Powerful Presentations geared towards their selected audience. Each day, the students will learn new delivery tools and have the opportunity to practice their presentations in front of the audience.

What You Will Learn

  • The fundamentals of public speaking
  • Best practices for preparing for a presentation
  • How to use the point of focus technique to better engage your audience
  • How to use visuals and body language to reinforce your message
  • Techniques for eliminating “filler” words
  • How to expand your confidence for delivering powerful presentation
  • and much more…


This Interactive Workshop Course is designed to create a safe space for adult learners to discover the blocks and barriers that lessen their full self-expression and clarity.  You will also build your network as you interact within your Circle of Co-Workers, Regional Business Leaders, etc.

Who Should Attend

This Interactive Workshop Course is designed for:

  • Diverse business owners
  • Council corporate members
  • Local community partners
  • Individuals looking to gain or enhance their presentation skills

Program Cost


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Council for Supplier Diversity
Shane R Cummiskey, Marketing Director
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