Diverse Business Development Center

The Diverse Business Development Center

The Diverse Business Development Center provides valuable support and critical resources to help DBEs optimize the opportunities to continue building and expanding their business. Our goal is to use the collective resources of our DBEs to create synergy in the diverse business community. To do this, we need a base, a center for excellence, a place where the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and support is the essential ingredient – a Center for success. The Center’s objective is to expand business opportunity for diverse entrepreneurs. The building, growing and maintaining a successful business is filled with uncertainties and substantial challenges. Having the vision and know-how to drive a business forward is critical to success. The Center provides three key benefits: DBE Office Services, A Place for Collaboration, and Professional Training and Development.

Office Suites: The Center will provide turnkey executive office suites targeted towards our emerging class I and class II DBEs. As a client of the Center, your modern office includes furniture, phone and internet services, a professional receptionist, phone answering and mail service, as well as access to conference and meeting rooms. DBEs that take advantage of our services can focus on developing their business and not on office operations. The facilities are clean and modern, making a first-class impression on all of your customers that call or visit your business operation. We have a vested interest in your success as a company and are committed to providing the very best service at a great value, as compared to traditional office suites. Find out more about our office suites and office services…

A Place to Collaborate: Larger DBEs that have their own facilities can utilize the professional meeting space and training center. This facility will be available for you to hold sales or client meetings, staff or training meetings when the need for a larger or more impressive space arises. The meeting rooms and training facility will serve as a base of collaboration for finding ways that DBEs can work together.  Click here to reserve a meeting/conference room or virtual office.

Professional Training: The Council will provide a variety of professional development training and seminars to help you more effectively run and grow your business. We will use subject matter experts from major buying corporations, DBEs and industry leaders to provide the content for our professional development programs. Current programs include: The Young Entrepreneur Academy — this program is designed to teach young men and women from underserved communities how to identify, plan and start their own businesses. High-Performance Supplier Series (HPS) — this program is a comprehensive series of workshops designed to address every major area of business management. It will require pre-class assessment, team review and a commitment to the practical application of the strategies and tactics learned.

Council for Supplier Diversity
Shane R Cummiskey, Marketing Director
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